Barcelona is my favourite city. I went there for the first time in 2005 and fell in love at first sight. Even though last year, when I visited for my fourth time, Barcelona always manages to surprise and inspire me. I always find something new and beautiful.


Smoothies of all flavours and colours.

This time we went with our friends, and no kids. We visited the entire city, shops, markets and attractions. We hired bikes and saw the city as well as by bus and metro. We really threw ourselves into Barcelona and city life.
We ate whatever we found on the markets, and don’t think I could never have enough of all their goodies; rice with chickpeas and tuna…pasta with fruits de mer…smoothies…and not to mention the chocolate truffles…heaven.

One evening we went around the city pubs, another evening we went for a celebrative dinner at Gaudi’s house. Crazzzyyyy…that was an experience you never forget, not just because of the fantastic atmosphere but because of the food which was so delicious that even now I can taste the best steak in the world in my mouth and a chocolate dessert which I can’t even begin to describe, I have never tasted anything like it.


Have you ever seen so many sweets in one place? My kids wouldn’t sleep for a month if they got their hands on these

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